Implant dentures offer denture wearers a new quality of life and dental health. When implant dentures are installed, the gums absorb more of the force of the bite. In implant dentures, fewer dental implants are required, so treatment is more cost-effective and often it may be possible to use mini dental implants. Implant retained dentures provide superior performance and usability.

A person’s chewing ability with the use of Implant dentures increases to 100%. Implant retained dentures allow a patient to function normally. While these dentures help to restore a patient’s ability to talk confidently and to eat comfortably, they do not fully replace the natural bite and must be removed at night and for cleaning.


Implant denture process

  • Consultation
  • X-ray
  • Treatment plan
  • Impressions & schedule CAT scan (if necessary).
  • Place implants
  • Appointments to monitor healing including X-rays.
  • Place implant denture

Only people with good jawbone density are eligible for oral implants. In some cases, bone grafting is done to develop necessary bone support

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