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Brace treatment also often called Orthodontic treatment is a special type of dentistry concerned with correcting the position of crooked teeth and making them more presentable to enhance your smile and your face. Orthodontics is not only about cosmetic dental treatment – the other benefits of orthodontics can include improved biting and chewing, reduced tooth wear, and improved cleansing of teeth, as well as a big boost to your self-confidence and enhanced smile. Our specialist dentists at Dr. Pandit’s Clinic has built their reputation as a friendly and innovative practitioner entirely focused on orthodontic excellence and respect for patients individuality and dignity.

We have world class orthodontist in Pune and use cutting edge orthodontic treatment methods and technology

If you don’t want metal braces, no worries we have been also offering alternative ‘invisible’ braces appliances for 15 years.  We successfully treat lots of patients with invisible plastic aligners like Invisalign aligners. If you are worried about horrible sticky molds – no worries mold impressions are a thing of the past as we are improving with time. We at Dr. Pandit’s Dental Clinic use the latest digital scanning and 3D printing technology to ensure you have the most comfortable and modern treatment with the best results.

The Importance of Straight teeth

People usually have orthodontic treatment to improve the appearance, health, and function of their teeth which in return increases self-confidence. These days, with good oral hygiene and regular dental care, and available technology and treatments, teeth should last a lifetime.

Crooked teeth usually affect the function of normal chewing, speech, also cause gum damage and tooth wear in long run. It will be difficult to achieve proper oral hygiene and obviously a better smile and appearance affecting your social self-confidence.

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When to Seek an Orthodontic Assessment

Orthodontic problems can be clearly visible and understood by seven to nine years of age when most of the adult front teeth have come through. However, problems may be detected earlier than this and can be acted upon accordingly.

Treatment for Adults

In the early days, orthodontic treatment was usually restricted to children and teenagers. However, the basic treatment process we use for moving teeth is the same at any age, and orthodontic treatment is also totally successful for adults.

Treatment duration is usually longer for adults because their jawbones are denser in comparison with children. As an adult’s facial bones are no longer growing, some severe abnormal occlusion cannot be correct with braces alone. In such cases, we use orthodontic treatment combined with jaw surgery to achieve improvements.  

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