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Since a long time there has been an old myth circulating for many years about root canals and the pain associated with it, we at Dr. Pandit’s Clinic assures painless root canal treatment in Pune.

Many people are so afraid of root canal that they suffer in pain but do not visit the dentist. Avoiding such critical cases only make the issue worse.

Endodontics treatment for root canal is not the reason for pain, but it relieves the patient from it. Despite many misconceptions, our endodontics in Baner are experienced enough to help you heal from pain.

All the misconceptions are faded away now, thanks to the latest technology in dental technology and anesthesiology, root canal feels like getting a filling now.

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Purpose of Root Canal Treatments

Have you been suffering from severe toothache? Toothache can occur when your tooth has been extremely infected deep inside due to non-maintenance of hygiene.

The intense pain in regular beats you feel can even affect your gums, surrounding teeth, and your jaws, or give you horrendous migraines as well. The worst thing is that pain is not going to decrease unless you get root canal treatment. Our root canal treatment in Pune relives you from all the pain you have.

In root canals the dentist will be able to get rid of rotten, damaged tissue and the agonizing nerve beneath, so you no longer feel pain. When the bacteria is removed from the root and disinfected totally, it is much harder for the tooth to be re-infected.

All of this is much more beneficial to your tooth in comparison with extracting a tooth. When a natural tooth is extracted, there is never a perfect replacement for that natural tooth. Our root canal treatment in Pune manages to save the original tooth in a best possible and cost effective way, and keeps bacteria from entering your bloodstream in massive amounts.

Retreatment Options

Dr. Pandit’s Root canals treatment in pune usually have an overwhelming success ratio of 95%. In rare cases, however, some clients have had faced the problems where their tooth becomes painful or infected following the treatment.

Some of the reasons having difficulty in tooth healing include:

A very rare case where your canals were too narrow or curved, and thus not completely identified or treated in the first procedure

There was a long delay before the replacement crown or bridge was added after the initial treatment, leading to growth of bacteria

There was salivary contamination of the internal atomic structure of the tooth before the restoration process took place

If these rare instances should occur, your dentist should advice retreatment. In retreatment the rotted canal and painful tissue has been removed and disinfected. All canals will be sealed and prevented, including the most complex anatomical parts, leaving your root clean and safe. However, in the even rarer case that you cannot have a traditional root canal, your dentist could also give you an apicoectomy, removing just the apex or tip of the root before sealing this off.

Re-root Canal Treatment

After the completion of root canal treatment, some teeth may not heal properly as expected and may develop an infection. Therefore sometimes it becomes necessary to perform re-root canal treatment. This happens because the initial treatment fails to remove the infection properly, or decay again accumulates in the treated area or the tooth loosens and gets exposed to a new infection.

To treat a tooth that did not heal properly during the initial treatment or has got infected after a root canal treatment needs to be treated again with re-root canal treatment. During re-root canal treatment it is ensured that the tooth is thoroughly cleared of any infection or decay.

Post and Core

Post and core is a type of dental restoration procedure. Teeth with short clinical crowns, and which are not alone enough to support the definitive restoration can be best treated using the post and core system. This technique is used when there is an inadequate amount of healthy tooth tissue remaining to retain a crown. A post is cemented into a root canal which retains a core restoration which in return retains the final conventional crown.

The primary objective of the post is to retain a core restoration and crown and the secondary objective is to distribute the down onto the root. The post does not play any role in supporting the tooth.

Fiber posts

Some teeth are severely damaged because of cavities, trauma, or even as a result of previous unsuccessful restoration procedures. The advantages of fiber post over usually used metallic post materials have led to its wide acceptance. The aesthetic and mechanical benefits of fiber post have provided it with a rise in the field of dentistry. The result obtained from some clinical trials has also encouraged the dentists to use it widely with confidence.

Microscopic endodontic treatment

Microscopic Endodontics Treatment greatly enhances the dentist’s ability to view the tiniest details inside a patient’s body. A microscope during endodontic treatment magnifies the dentist’s vision up to 25 times as compared to the naked eye. The microscope during the dental procedure is useful in both diagnosis and treatment. Better outcome experienced in treatment with vision enhancement as compared to treatment without enhancement.

Microscope helps in

  • Finding hidden and accessory canals
  • Locating and removing separated instruments
  • Preserving more tooth structure
  • Improving ergonomics for the clinician

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